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We are innovation. modernization. digitalizing. augmentation



Innovation does not just come from one mind, but requires a culture that promotes and nurtures innovation.



We do what it takes to modernize your existing product to meet your market needs and what you ultimately want.



We take digitalization to a level of comfort where all your requirements are easily accessible to you at the tip of your fingers.



Supercharge your agile development with a high-performance team. We specialize in helping you expedite your digital transformation journey by enabling faster software delivery, allowing you to outshine the competition.

Research Services

Exclusive research services for our clients

Resource Augmentation

IT Talent Acquisition, field force management. We provide third party field force hiring, training and management services as well.

Out Of Home Monitoring

Winning Solutions is the first mover in tracking out of home campaigns Tracking. ROI. Ad-ex. Float tracking Creative monitoring.

Activation Automation

Its Door to Door sales, we provide automated solution to conduct the monitoring of DDS

Mystery Shopping

Automated solution of back checking in mystery shopping. We are experts in the industry providing real time automated activation monitoring of DDS and activation teams.

Retail Tracking

We are market research specialists, with strong expertise in Retail and Consumer Tracking & Monitoring researches.

Marketing Research

Winning solution is capable of doing surveys and consumer research oriented projects. We local research house with international outlook and vision with quality research products and solutions.

About Us

We help business partners in making informed business decisions

Winning Solutions is a team of enthusiastic and energetic researchers and technology providers that relish the opportunity to find solutions for our client’s market research, business and software requirements.

100% client satisfaction

Highly talented workers

We make your buisness ideas come true

We bring digital experiences to life, solving everyday problems with costumer-centric solutions.

Countries Presence Globally
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Cities Covered Globally
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Merchandizers Automated
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GIS Coordinates
1 M+
Household GIS Points
1 M+
OOH Campaigns Tracked
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Preparing for your success trusted source in IT services

We believe in four pillars of influence that drive our growth This is ingrained in everything we do We use technology to create a better and smarter environment.

Market researchers

Project & client managers

Field operations

Software development

Our Solution Space

We offer solutions for your all needs

Platforms & Frameworks

AWS, Azure, Google cloud
Angular, Meteor, React
Microsoft.NET, Xmarain
J2EE, RoR, Laravel
Xcode, Android Studio
Sales Force, Adobe AEM
Microsoft Dynamics

Programming Languages

Node.js, JavaScript, Python
GoLang, Swift, React Native
.NET, C#, Java, R
Objective-C, PHP

Databases & Reporting

MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB
Hadoop, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Microsoft SQL Servier, Oracle
Pentaho, Jasper, Cognos
D3.js, Redshift

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